This website provides access to all standard protocols and procedures used at the PennVet Center for Host-Microbial Interactions (CHMI). If you’re affiliated with CHMI or a member of the Beiting Lab, then you can collaboratively edit any of these protocols. This wiki-style approach gives us a central place to develop our lab protocols, while always keeping the most up-to-date protocol in one convenient and publicly accessible place. If you’re not part of CHMI, no worries, you can still peruse the site to see our protocols. Comments and feedback are welcome!

Quantification and Quality Control

Protocols for Quantification and Qualification of DNA, RNA, and NGS librariesTapestation ProtocolTapestation ProtocolQubit ProtocolQubit ProtocolPicoGreen ProtocolPicoGreen Protocol

Bulk RNA-seq and ATAC-seq

Single-Cell RNA-seq

Cell Culture

Information and Protocols for Cell Culture🧫3D 'organotypic' culture🔬Microscopy for 3D cultures

Legacy Protocols

📜Legacy Protocols