Chromium Next GEM Single Cell FLEX


The structure and clarity of the 10X Genomics User Guide is excellent and we highly suggest you simply download and follow along with the latest version of their protocol here. This is the protocol for single-plexed samples. There is an option for multiplexing up to four times as many samples. We encourage you to start with single-plexed samples before proceeding to multiplexed samples.


We have both a Chromium Controller and a Chromium X. The Chromium X can do all that the Chromium Controller can do, as well as all the newer assays. Unless otherwise necessary, use the Chromium X.

Fixed Tissue and Tissue Dissociation

It is important that you follow the 10X protocol for fixing and dissociating your tissue. The protocol for fixing and dissociating tissue is here. The protocol for fixing samples that have already been dissociated is here.

Presentation Slides

CG000563_Fixed RNA Profiling Site Prep Deck_RevE-SA.pdf4068.3KB