Usage: nextflow [options] COMMAND [arg...]

     Use the specified configuration file(s) overriding any defaults
     Set JVM properties
     Execute nextflow in background
  -c, -config
     Add the specified file to configuration set
  -d, -dockerize
     Launch nextflow via Docker (experimental)
     Print this help
     Set nextflow log file path
  -q, -quiet
     Do not print information messages
     Send logs to syslog server (eg. localhost:514)
  -v, -version
     Print the program version

  clean         Clean up project cache and work directories
  clone         Clone a project into a folder
  cloud         Manage Nextflow clusters in the cloud
  config        Print a project configuration
  console       Launch Nextflow interactive console
  drop          Delete the local copy of a project
  help          Print the usage help for a command
  info          Print project and system runtime information
  kuberun       Execute a workflow in a Kubernetes cluster (experimental)
  list          List all downloaded projects
  log           Print executions log and runtime info
  pull          Download or update a project
  run           Execute a pipeline project
  self-update   Update nextflow runtime to the latest available version
  view          View project script file(s)