...::: GroopM :::...

                     Automagical metagenomic binning FTW!

                                  version: 0.3.4

    Typical workflow:

    groopm parse        -> Load the raw data and save to disk
    groopm core         -> Create core bins
    groopm refine       -> Refine these cores a little
    groopm recruit      -> Add more contigs to the cores
    groopm extract      -> Extract binned contigs or reads

    Extra features:


    groopm merge        -> Merge two or more bins
    groopm split        -> Split a bin into N parts
    groopm delete       -> Delete a bin

        Printing, plotting:

    groopm explore      -> Methods for viewing bin layouts
    groopm plot         -> Plot bins
    groopm highlight    -> Highlight individual bins and apply labels
    groopm flyover      -> Create a movie of your data
    groopm print        -> Print summary statistics

        Import, export:

    groopm dump         -> Write database fields to csv

    USE: groopm OPTION -h to see detailed options